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Lions Clubs all over are well known for their collection boxes, where people can donate their old pairs of glasses to be refurbished and recycled for those with vision care needs in other parts of the world.
Locally, Lions Clubs also oversee a number of additional projects to accelerate access to vision care for those desperately seeking it.  One of these projects is the Washoe County Lions Sight Conservation Committee (WCLSCC), which accepts applications regionally from those seeking free eye exams and glasses, especially school-age children learning to read who are referred by their teachers or school nurses (funded by the golf tournament).  Yearly more than 300 applications are submitted, approved and funded.
Some of the free services are made possible by vision insurance provider VSP, while the majority of applications submitted to the WCLSCC are funded by through contributions made by the six local Lions Clubs, including Reno Host.  Area Lions Clubs also process applications and help fund trips to a Lions Eye Foundation (LEF) hospital in San Francisco where major surgeries for cataracts and retinal disease can be done.  Food, lodging, and transportation are covered for about a dozen people each year, while the hospital covers the surgery.  LEF is supported by club dues contributions.
Club members invest their time and money in other ways like volunteering for community service projects and “Team Building” Clinic Missions with Lions in Sight of California and Nevada (LIS).  LIS conducts clinics in Mexico, Central, and South America and other countries around the world.  Individual Lions pay their own transportation costs to participate in such mission clinics along with participating eye care professionals.
Fundraising ventures like the Buckaroo Breakfast, the Fight for Sight Golf Tournament, and BBQ Catering with the “Blue Beast” allow Reno Host the luxury to fund the projects listed above and help defray travel expenses for Lion Volunteers to participate in the LIS Eye Clinics worldwide.

Your donation and participation are greatly appreciated!

Linda Brown
Reno Host Lions Club


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